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Company Overview

Our motto, management philosophy, motivating management policy, and code of conduct

Company Motto: “Service and Trust”
To be a trustworthy, reliable organization by devoting ourselves to society.
Management Philosophy: “Aiming to be an inspirational company”
To grow as individuals and as an organization to inspire others.
Motivating management policy
  1. We always follow rules, cooperate with others, and try our best.
  2. We always remember the smiles of our customers and try our best.
  3. We are always thankful to our planet and try out best.
Code of conduct

[Universal principles]

Always make eye contact and greet others with enthusiasm and a cheerful smile.

Be considerate at all times and do the best for the sake of the world and for others.

[Key principle of the year]

Further promotion of versatility. In addition to solving internal issues of your own department,

cooperate with other departments and learn about our core business so as to reduce unnecessary labor costs and ensure profitability.

Award List

National Confectionery Expo

  • Premium kudzu sasamochi May 16th, 1998
    The 23rd National Confectionery Expo
  • Kinjyoka (Minister Honor Award) November 17th, 2002
    The 24th National Confectionery Expo
  • The Sake Manju Bun (The Orange Honor Badge) April 18th, 2008
    The 25th National Confectionery Expo
  • The Sake Manju Bun (Honorary President Award (Culture) May 10th, 2008
    The 25th National Confectionery Expo@Hyogo
  • The Sake Manju Bun (Honorary President Award (Culture) May 10th, 2008
    The 25th National Confectionery Expo @ Hyogo
  • Kyo Ekubo (The Dimple of Kyoto) May 11th, 2013
    The 26th National Confectionery Expo @ Hiroshima


  • Gionzaka (15 pcs) February 10th, 2010
    “50th Nippon Omiyage Award- Committee Award”
  • Ochame (9 pcs) 2012
    Nippon Omiyage Award- Best Award
  • The Sake Manju Bun February 7th, 2014
    “Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award”
  • Omotenashi September 28th, 2014
    “Kyoto Item Contest”- Division Award
  • Omotenashi September 28th, 2014
    “Kyoto Item Contest”- Division Award
  • Omotenashi 2015
    Gourmet Girls Champion Silver Award

Company Overview

Company Profile pdf

Company Name
Wakou Co., Ltd.
26-1 Yokooji-hashimoto, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
August 22nd, 1981
Manufacture & sales of Kyoto confections
JPY 15 million
Fiscal year
May 31st
President & CEO
Mitsuhiro IMACHI
Senior Managing Director
Managing Director
Hitomi ASANO
Special Advisor
Tadashi IMACHI
Number of
75 full time & part time employees
Main Factory
26-1 Yokooji-hashimoto, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
TEL.+81 75-621-8806
Shiga Factory
5018, Ono, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga TEL.+81 748-67-1126
Fushimi Kagura Main Store
33, Kamiaburakake-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Kyo Ponto Fushimi Kagura
8-3, Higashishiokoji Takakura-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
JR Tokai Shinkansen Kyoto Station 2/F (Inside “Hachijo Komachi”)
Main Banks
Kyoto Bank (Main Branch) Japan Finance Corporation (Kyoto Branch)
Legal Counselor
Hoenzaka Law Office [Legal Counselor Koji Nakashima]


August 1981
Founded Wakou Co., Ltd. at Yokooji-hashimoto, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City
March 1986
Founded Tokyo Sales Office
August 1990
Began operation of Shiga Factory at Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka County, Shiga Prefecture
October 2000
Contracted with Hagi Orange Farm
November 2000
At our headquarters, opened an outlet shop selling our various products from throughout Japan
February 2001
Acquired ISO 9001 (except for headquarters production department)
July 2002
Established a Quality Management Office
September 2002
Transitioned to ISO 9001 2000 ver.
February 2003
Acquired ISO 9001 (entire company)
April 2006
Acquired ISO 14001 (headquarters & Main Factory)
April 2007
Acquired ISO 14001 (Shiga Factory)
December 2013
Merged Tokyo Sales Office into headquarters sales department
March 2014
Opened Kyo Ponto Gionkasha
September 2016
Opened Kyo Ponto Fushimi Kagura
May 2018
Closed Kyo Ponto Gionkasha
June 2018
Acquired ISO 22000 (headquarters, Main Factory, and Shiga Factory)
August 2018
Opened Kyo Ponto JR Kyoto Isetan Store
December 2018
Opened Fushimi Kagura Main Store
January 2021
Closed Kyo Ponto JR Kyoto Isetan Store
April 2021
Closed Hagi Orange Farm
Acquired ISO22000 (Fushimi Kagura Main Store)