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Our Factories & Facilities

Main factory

26-1 Yokooji-hashimoto, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, KyotoTEL.+81 75-621-8806

This factory focuses on the production of baked confectionaries (Kyo Ekubo and Gionzaka) and steamed buns (Sake Manju). We supply safe and secure products to our direct-managed stores by paying extra attention in the production process and using metal detectors in our production line.
We also produce “Manmaru Ichigo,” a chocolate-coated baked confection.
We will further refine our already obtained ISO22000 (Food safety management system) to produce even safer food products.

Shiga Factory

5018, Ono, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka-shi, ShigaTEL.+81 748-67-1126

This factory mainly handles mass production of our main product line, Waffle (Choga Biscuits). In particular, we supply safe and secure products by using X-ray detectors, metal detectors, and other advanced devices in the production line.
The factory also houses our bakery lines (for seasonal products such as chestnut buns, sweet potato buns, and dairy confections) using a steel belt oven. Furthermore, for our cup lines (fruit jelly and Mizu Yokan (soft adzuki-bean jelly), we provide an outstanding level of product safety through boiling sterilization and retort sterilization for some of our products.

Fushimi Kagura Main Store

33, Kamiaburakake-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, KyotoTEL.+81 75-604-2237

Fushimi has good quality water and many sake breweries.
We use sake brewing water and Daiginjo to make our Sake Manju Bun and other confections worthy of the title “the town of sake breweries.”

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