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Personal information Protection Policy

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Wakou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this Site"). We may ask you to input your personal information for inquiry and purchase purposes.
This Privacy Policy stipulates how your personal information is collected and used on this Site. We comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, and we collect, use, and manage all information appropriately so as to ensure the safe and secure usage of this Site.
While using this Site, please read and fully understand this privacy policy before providing your personal information.
(Updated on March 17th, 2020)

1) Collection of Personal Information
“Personal Information” as described in this Privacy Policy refers to the information that can be used to identify specific individuals, such as name, address, phone number, and email address. This Site may collect customers’ personal information upon order placement. We have your consent to make use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy upon the collection of the information. Please DO NOT provide any personal information if you do not agree with our use.
2) Use of Personal Information
We shall not use customers’ personal information for any purposes other than the provision of better products, services, or provision of useful information to customers. In addition, customers reserve the rights to request limiting the use of information to confirmation for shipping the purchased items.
3) Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We shall not provide/use any personal information (address, name, email address, purchased items, etc.) obtained through the communication with our customers to any third parties, except for when requested by a public institution such as the court or police.
4) Notification of Change of Policy Details
This Privacy Policy is subject to changes. Upon any changes, the date of the last update shall be shown at the top of this page. Please check regularly. You are deemed to have agreed to the changes if you continue to use the services of this Site after any changes to our Privacy Policy.
5) Inquiries
For inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, or for any confirmation, addition, change, or deletion of personal information, please contact We will respond only when we are able to confirm that the person making the request is the individual to whom the personal information belongs.